Clare splashing through a gorge in the north of Chile 1994

Biblical themes looked at from a factual point of view

All Christians have the Bible as their book. The articles on this website will be exploring Biblical and Christian themes.  My intention is to make it ecumenical, that is to say open to Christians of all denominations or none.  Of course, some issues are more interesting to one type of Christian than another – so I guess that visitors will pick and choose – that’s ok.

One way of reading the Bible is for personal faith and to see how God is speaking to me in my situation.  Words in the Bible may guide or encourage or even show me where I’m going wrong – when the Holy Spirit shines a light on certain words for me.

Another way of reading the Bible is to see what is said in terms of facts:  the facts of Jesus’ life recorded in the New Testament; and the history of the people of God, Israel, in the Old Testament.  The history of faith is embodied in people, people who lived lives that the Bible records in a very real way.  The rough edges of the stories of individuals are there in the Bible too.  In fact, we gain hope by seeing that the great prophets of the Old Testament and apostles of the New Testament were not perfect themselves – so there is hope for us.

A third way of reading the Bible is to see what it records in terms of ancient cultures, for example, descriptions of the Neolithic time period and the history of the Middle East with its different tribes and peoples. 

I’m leaving the preaching of the gospel to preachers, pastors and priests. This website will be about the surrounding issues to faith. An issue may not be a core issue to faith, but still be important and relevant to a culture of Christianity and a shared perspective. I’ll be tackling topics for discussion and debate.

Are we not all looking for truth?

In these articles and blog posts I hope to get to the facts of each matter, and examine them. Some subjects are counter-cultural as they don’t fit the secular view of our society. Belief is often not far from controversy.

Different views are possible on many subjects. If we were all identical and had the same views, there would be no debate at all. I wish to be part of a dialogue between all types of Christians and others too.

You become a person when you express your opinions in front of others – so why not join these debates on the context of faith – you may find fresh perspectives and a new landscape.

The mountains and hills displayed on this website are the Andes Mountains, especially those above the Atacama Desert of the north of Chile. I took these photos between 1991 and 2001 when I lived in Coquimbo on the edge of the desert beneath blue cloudless skies.

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