#6 Sign to Encourage

Through my life I have witnessed the signs of God’s presence on several notable occasions.  The first miraculous sign I remember hearing about was told by a preacher at a Christian conference run by the evangelist Harry Greenwood from South Chard.  The conference was at Bognor Regis Butlins camp and I had been taken thereContinue reading “#6 Sign to Encourage”

#5 Personal Testimony: Psychological Healing

Many years ago I received a psychological healing after a traumatic experience which constantly troubled me.  I was at Taizé in France and it was Easter time.  At the Good Friday liturgy of the cross I saw that some young people were approaching the cross on their knees.  I decided that I had to doContinue reading “#5 Personal Testimony: Psychological Healing”

#4 Laws of Nature are General; Miracles are Specific

God has given humans the ability to decide on their actions and to desire outcomes.  The human will interacts with God’s will, and this is important in the sphere of miracles.  On occasions, through prayer illness can be reversed and health restored, and death can be forestalled.  Healing and the prolonging of life depend onContinue reading “#4 Laws of Nature are General; Miracles are Specific”

#2 Gullibility, Credulity or Faith?

Part of me doubts the miracles I hear about – maybe there was always a simple, natural explanation for what’s been told me was a miracle.  Maybe what I heard or read about was exaggeration, or wishful thinking on the part of devout, but gullible religious people.  Maybe money was involved like on God channelsContinue reading “#2 Gullibility, Credulity or Faith?”

#1 Of Miracles and Creation

I’m a member of Christians in Science (CiS). I went to the Christians in Science northern conference in November 2016. It was on the subject of miracles.  When I got home I wrote this article containing personal testimonies of miracles with the intention of sending it in for the CiS journal Science & Christian Belief,Continue reading “#1 Of Miracles and Creation”