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What you will find in this blog are posts posted in a series from articles I have written. It is like reading episodes. The full articles can be found on the articles page of this website. These articles have a Christian and Biblical theme. All are written by the author Clare Merry

#8 Festivals in Jerusalem

Jesus’ habit was to go to Jerusalem for festivals and to visit the Temple; his family had always done this, however, as his mission expanded, going to Jerusalem became increasingly dangerous. Mary always supported Jesus, knowing many things she stored up in the secret of her heart. At the wedding feast in Cana in GalileeContinue reading “#8 Festivals in Jerusalem”

#4 Nazareth

Mary thought she’d have a quiet life When they return to Israel, Joseph after having another dream decides it is too risky to live in Jerusalem (where they had been living originally) and he takes the family up to Galilee. They settle in Nazareth where Joseph starts up a carpentry business. Mary thinks she’ll adaptContinue reading “#4 Nazareth”

#3 Jesus’ birth

The stable where Jesus was born was actually a cave as depicted in Eastern Orthodox art. When Mary and Joseph hear people outside, they quickly hide the baby in the trough for hay to feed cattle (called a manger) out of fear for him (in traditional societies newborn babies are not put in cots soContinue reading “#3 Jesus’ birth”

#2 Jesus’ Conception

This is the story line of Jesus’ life taken from the four gospels combined together. Mary aged about 30 is pledged to be married to Joseph aged about 50. The angel Gabriel visits the virgin Mary in what is known as the Annunciation. She accepts the plan of God. Her acceptance of the plan ofContinue reading “#2 Jesus’ Conception”


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